Rental Rates

(Rental Outfit consists of instrument, case, bow and rosin)

  • SMALL VIOLINS (Fractional Sizes) : $25 / month
  • VIOLINS (Full Size) : $35 / month
  • VIOLAS : $40 / month
  • CELLOS : $60 / month


Rental Terms

  • Quarterly Credit Card Payments: Instrument rental fees are charged to your credit card, in advance, every 3 months.


  • Minimum Rental Period (the first 3 months for violin/viola; 4 months for cello): If you wish to return your rental instrument within the Minimum Rental Period there will be no refund of this first payment. Thereafter, any unused full-month portions of your quarterly payment will be returned if you decide to stop renting.


  • Rental Credit: Since Violin Atelier Schmidt rents brand new instruments, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know your instrument before making the commitment to buy! If you decide to purchase the actual instrument that you've been renting, 75% of your accumulated rental payments will apply as credit toward this purchase. If your rental credit has accumulated over the course of renting multiple fractional-sized instruments, or if you wish to purchase any different student instrument from Violin Atelier Schmidt (other than your rental), you can use 50% of your accumulated rental payments as credit. 

Rental Credit expires 30 days after the termination of your rental contract.


  • Size-Exchanges: For youngsters progressing through fractional-sized instruments, exchanging one rental outfit for a larger size is easy and hassle-free. There is no financial penalty for the exchange and your Rental Credit continues to accumulate uninterrupted. Each Size-Exchange resets the Minimum Rental Period.


  • Renter's Responsibilities: As a Renter you are responsible for your instrument and will be liable for any necessary repair/replacement costs, up to the retail value of the outfit. All rental instruments are provided professionally setup and strung with high quality strings. General maintenance of your rental outfit (e.g. new strings, bow rehair etc.) is your financial responsibility. However, Violin Atelier Schmidt is pleased to offer a 10% Renter's Discount off the regular price of maintenance operations for the rental outfit.


  • Violin Atelier Schmidt's Responsibilities: We will provide you with a high quality rental outfit, setup and adjusted to professional standards to ensure easy playability and rich sound. We will advise you on caring for your instrument so that you know how to keep it healthy and sounding its best. We can provide some suggestions for finding a teacher if you do not have one. It is our responsibility and desire to treat you with respect and integrity, to help you get maximum joy out of learning a string instrument!


  • Ending your Rental Contract: You are free to return your rental outfit and terminate the rental contract at any time. If your Minimum Rental Period is over you will receive a refund for any prepaid, full months of rent not used. At this time, if you do not wish to use your Rental Credit to purchase your outfit, Violin Atelier Schmidt will inspect the condition of the instrument being returned and you may be billed the repair cost for any significant damages.

Any rental contract being ended after a period of 10 or more months (where the outfit is not being purchased) will automatically incur a Reconditioning Fee equal to one month's rent.


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