Instrument Rentals


We all need to start somewhere, right?

Affordable, Quality, Professionally Setup Rental Instruments

Renting an instrument is a great way to minimize financial investment until you're ready to commit further, but unfortunately the status quo for rental instruments (ultra-cheap, poorly setup, dilapidated violin-shaped objects) is often a discouraging experience.

Whether you are interested in exploring the rewarding world of string playing as an adult, or on behalf of your child, it is important to give it a fair shake. 

If you were looking to explore the world of wine appreciation, would you start out sampling sour grape juice? 

There is no point in wasting time and money on a violin-shaped object that will fight you from the start - Violin Atelier Schmidt proudly offers brand new, high-quality rental outfits that are setup and acoustically adjusted in-house to professional standards - with competitive prices and beneficial terms!!

Why Rent an Instrument from Violin Atelier Schmidt?

  • EXPERTISE - Dealing with a trained Violinmaker who specializes in the service, tonal adjustment and setup of violin-family instruments ensures playability, rich tone-quality and maximum enjoyment for you!
  • QUALITY - Our rental program offers ultimate value: high quality, brand-new, upgraded instrument outfits at competitive prices.
  • CONVENIENCE - Violin Atelier Schmidt is a convenient, local source for stringed instruments, service, accessories and expert advice - look no further for friendly and flexible assistance.
  • ...WITH BENEFITS - Our Rental Credit policy can't be beat if you're considering the possibility of eventually purchasing an instrument (see TERMS & RATES).

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