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Violin Atelier Schmidt

For discerning musicians I am pleased to offer a selection of high-quality commercial, and fine handmade instruments for sale. All instruments are chosen and set-up with a critical eye and extremely high requirements for instrument condition and health. 
I also stock a range of affordable student instruments (not listed here), available in shop.
More instruments to be added soon.


UNDER $5,000

Violin - GLIGA CRISTIAN 2013
An attractive and well-made commercial student instrument from the respected Romanian Gliga Workshop.



Violin - Chipot-Vuillaume Workshop (Paris, ca. 1900)
This high-quality antique french commercial violin combines the elegant workmanship for which french instruments are known with flawless health and professional setup. Bright, clear, mature tone.



UNDER $10,000

Violin by Matthew Schmidt (Mittenwald, 2007)
This is the second-last (and my favourite) of the instruments that I built while studying violinmaking in Mittenwald, Germany. It combines gorgeous tonewoods (stunning one-piece back and matching ribs/neck) with the voluptuous curves of its late-Amati modelling. A fine, sweet tone with plenty of power and reserve.
For more information about my violinmaking, see New Instrument Making.



Cello - Clement & Weise (Bubenreuth, 2003)
A beautiful German commercial cello for advanced students, this cello has nice focus and a full resonant sound.



OVER $10,000

Violin by Gideon Baumblatt (Montréal, 2013)
A gorgeously crafted and tastefully antiqued violin by German Luthier Gideon Balthasar Baumblatt. Serious students and professional violinists alike will not be disappointed with its complex, ringing tone and expressive range.
Gideon's creations are currently played by some of today's finest string players, including Andrew Wan – concertmaster of Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, and member of the New Orford Quartet. After recently winning prestigious awards at international violinmakers' competitions, Gideon and his partner (in life and in the workshop) Mira Gruszow are together creating sought-after masterpieces. 



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